Gemma Lynch

Access Office

Access Advisor

MAP Lodge
(01) 708 4703


Gemma Lynch is the Access Advisor at Maynooth University, she supports the coordination of the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR), an entry route for school leavers from disadvantaged backgrounds. Gemma is responsible for the provision of a high quality suite of post-entry supports (academic, financial, personal and social) to HEAR students who enter Maynooth University.  She also supports the development of programmes and activities that increase the number of students from diverse backgrounds who enter Maynooth University each year.  

Gemma has over 20 years experience in the area of research, community development and educational projects which support civic engagement and inclusion in education, working with organisations such as the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice and the National Adult Literacy Agency.  Gemma also has a wide range of experience working in further and higher education institutions and working with people experiencing long-term socio-economic disadvantage as both a lecturer and advisor.  

She has a particular interest in working with students and potential students to overcome the barriers they face to reaching their full potential at Maynooth University. Gemma is a Social Science graduate of University College Dublin.  She is also one of a limited number of Irish people to hold a Masters in Social Policy (Comparative European Family Studies) from the same institution.