Maynooth University has developed a Campus Master Plan that envisions how the campus will grow and change over the coming two decades.

The physical environment of the campus—historic and beautiful in its heritage, yet modern and dynamic in its recent development—is key to the nature, success and sustainability of both the Maynooth University learning community and the very special community of Maynooth in which we reside.

As the fastest growing university in Ireland, our desire to design and build a campus that meets the academic, recreational, research and living needs of our students and staff is paramount. In so doing, the fundamental objective of the Master Plan is to sustain and develop a clear sense of ‘place’ and to project a clear sense of identity as a university built on 200 years of history, yet preparing a vision to 2025 and beyond.

We are currently engaged in a consultation process with our staff, students and the public to gather input into the future of the Maynooth University campus. The Master Plan was created to stimulate ideas that will be critical in helping us design and develop the Maynooth ‘experience’ for all.

We look forward to your feedback on this initiative. You are welcome to explore the plan online, attend a consultation event, visit campus to view the design exhibit, or send us queries or comments.