Quotidian: Art, Climate Change and Citizen-Scientists

Martina O’Brien © 2018
Monday, November 19, 2018 - 16:00 to 17:00
Callan Hall, South Campus, Maynooth University

What is the role of citizens’ weather observations in modelling climate change in the past and present? Visual artist Martina O’Brien’s new multimedia project Quotidian explores linkages between planetary scale systems of climate observation through a local engagement with an off-grid and offline community of voluntary Weather Observers situated within the boundaries of Co. Kildare. This small community of Weather Observation Network members comprise of seven people who collect daily data for Met Éireann from privately installed Rainfall Stations on an ongoing basis. Tracing these hidden subjects and systems embedded within the landscape, the artwork looks at their recurrent periodic recordkeeping as a personal rhythm tied to the body and considers their long-term recording role in the face of computational technologies and eventual automation. Quotidian will culminate in an exhibition at Illuminations Gallery, Maynooth University, as part of the international celebration of Science and GeoWeeks in November 2019.
As part of Quotidian and GeoWeek Ireland 2018, Kildare County’s Weather Observers will meet for the first time to discuss their work, in conversation with artist Martina O’Brien, and Climate Change, Historical and Cultural Geographers at Maynooth University. Undergraduate and MA/MSc classes in Geography, Climate Change and Global Environmental Change will be in attendance. The conversation is open to the public. A small overview of artist Martina O’Brien’s work in progress and Climate Change research at Maynooth University’s ICARUS will also be on display at Maynooth University Library lobby 16-23 November.

Supported by Creative Ireland, Kildare County Council Arts Service, Maynooth University Department of Geography, ICARUS, the Geographical Society of Ireland.