CONNECT 2019 - event update

CONNECT 2019 in Iontas
Friday, May 17, 2019 - 16:00

CONNECT update

If you wanted to learn about topics ranging from professionalism in medical practice to managing drone airspace to infectious disease control and 27 other diverse research topics in between, then CONNECT 2019 was the place to be. Held on May 15th on Maynooth University campus, CONNECT 2019 brought together researchers, company representatives, VC’s and state support organisations to get an overview of the broad scope of the high level research at Maynooth University. To keep the event moving each presenter had 5 minutes to make their presentation and all researchers rose to the challenge, sharing a snapshot of what they do. Each block of 10 presentations was separated by a coffee and networking session allowing researchers and attendees to explore the topic areas further.
CONNECT 2019 aims to create opportunities for collaboration by discovering potential solutions to problems that exist in industry and the marketplace. The event was organised by MaynoothWorks, Maynooth University’s office for Knowledge Transfer, Enterprise Partnership and Entrepreneurship Innovation. Feedback from attendees has been very positive. Most really liked the idea that they could hear about a range of current research themes and challenges, from deep-tech to design innovation to human health with short sharp presentations. Feedback also indicates that CONNECT 2019 has helped seed new relationships and collaborations which the MaynoothWorks team will support into the future.