SPUR 2023 & Dept of Theoretical Physics

Wednesday, June 28, 2023 - 16:30


SPUR 2023

The Summer Programme for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) is an active research based, paid experiential learning programme for successful undergraduate students who want to learn more about the postgraduate experience and possibly pursue a career in research. The projects take place over the summer; fulltime for 6 weeks or part-time for 12 weeks.

19 SPUR projects have been announced with the Faculty of Science and Engineering this summer – the highest number of projects across all Faculties this year. Ten of these 19 projects have been funded by the Faculty of Science and Engineering Dean’s Office, giving more opportunities for students to get involved in exciting projects and benefit from this very rewarding programme.
Three of this year's SPUR projects announced were from the Department of Theoretical Physics - huge congratulations to Marina, Patryk and Tim!

Marina Casado

Project: The Halo Model for Cosmology
Mentor:  Peter Coles

Patryk Drozd

Project: Modelling Massive black hole formation with Machine learning
Mentor(s): John Brennan, John Regan

Tim Daly

Project - Theoretical Physics- Understanding Quantum Many-Body Systems using Julia, Tensor Networks and Matrix Product States.
Mentor: Graham Kells 

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