TechSoc Research Network

The Technology and Society Network at Maynooth University is an interdisciplinary research network that brings together staff across the disciplines to examine, develop and assess approaches to improving technological design, diffusion, adoption, impact, policies, laws and public engagement.  We aim to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration.

There is an academic and policy consensus that technology is an important driver of social change, but it is clear that the adoption and impact of technologies is uncertain, risky and potentially very costly in financial, environmental and social terms. Many technologies never make it beyond the research laboratory as their development did not sufficiently account for the barriers to adoption in real world contexts. Some innovations are subsequently found to have significant environmental and social costs – and to be unsustainable. Many technologies change substantially throughout their lifecycle and with inputs from users and others. 
Our group works to explore and question all types of technologies – not just the digital. We foster debate and knowledge sharing. We want to bring citizens into the debates about the role of technology in the development of a more innovative and inclusive society and economy. We want to explore how gender, race and ethnicity shape technological developments. We want to work with stakeholders to improve technology policies and laws. We want to be informed by, and communicate our work to, multiple publics. 
Our work is framed by the UN Sustainability Goals, the European Research Strategy on Open Innovation and Open Science, and the Maynooth research strategy which looks to develop a collaborative research culture that addresses major societal challenges.
We host regular research meetings, talks and workshops.

We are not a formal membership group or institute. Anyone across the University with an interest in our core topics may join our mailing list. 

We were established with seed funding from the Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI) in 2018.

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We also maintain a mailing list via the HEA called MU_techsoc and you can request to subscribe here.  

It is a moderated (low traffic) list sharing news and research on Technology & Society issues.