At Maynooth University students are at the heart of everything we do.

We prioritise your student experience, both academically and socially to ensure that you graduate with the best set of skills to help you succeed in the world, whatever you decide to do

Access to world class lecturers

Our academics have a (well deserved) reputation for being available to students, to help in any difficulties you may have with your coursework. 

Small tutorial groups

While your lectures may vary in size from groups of 40 to 450 people, your tutorials involve much smaller groups of students, meeting regularly with an academic staff member to work through ideas and topics relevant to your course, providing an opportunity to engage in debate and exchange ideas with fellow students. 

Flexibility in subject choice

When deciding what to study, the best advice is to pick a subject you are passionate about – you are going to be studying it for the next three or four years after all.
Those of you studying for a Bachelor of Arts get to sit in on lectures for as many subjects as you like during your first four weeks, before making your final decision on the subject combination you would like to study
And in the last two years of study, all students are offered the opportunity to explore subjects beyond the confines of your chosen degree. With the permission of the relevant department, you will have a free choice to pick optional modules to satisfy your individual needs and interests.