Dr. Silvia Favalli visits the ALL Institute

Friday, November 22, 2019 - 15:30

Dr. Silvia Favalli is post-doctoral research fellow in International law at the University of Pavia. She holds a PhD in Public Law, Criminal and International Justice, and her doctoral thesis focused on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 

She visited the ALL Institute on 21-22/11/19, attending the 4th ALL Symposium on Building an Inclusive Society through Accessibility: International Perspectives, Challenges and Lessons with visiting speaker, Prof. Peter Blanck from Syracuse University and presenting her project “Building an Inclusive Digital Society for Vulnerable Persons: The Role of Social Media Tools in a Disability Human Rights Perspective” to the International and European Disability Law class. 

Silvia’s research purports to make an original contribution to the issue of human rights in the digital era, focusing on the role of social media and the Internet in a disability human rights perspective. 

In the last decade, the untapped potential of social media has fast become the privileged arena for research and development studies to create new social media tools. For vulnerable groups at risk of social exclusion they represent an unprecedented opportunity to actively participate and be fully included in society. 

In particular, persons with disabilities are increasingly turning to popular social media, taking advantage of interacting with social network platforms and benefitting from targeted mobile apps. 

However, these tools also generate new challenges for the existing policy and legal framework, related to the unequal balance between social media use and human rights protection. 

This research focuses on the role of social media and the Internet in a disability human rights perspective https://blueskyresearch2017.wordpress.com/