As a graduate of our law programmes you will be in a position to immediately enter professional training, either by sitting the Law Society FE1 examinations for entry to the solicitors’ profession or the King’s Inns Barrister-at-Law Degree entrance examination for entry to the barristers’ profession.
Choose from the following four BCL (Bachelor of Civil Law) options (or choose OPC - open choice - and make up your mind when you register in September once you meet the entry requirements). You should also consider our Bachelor of Arts degree which provides a pathway into these degrees at the end of first year.

MH502 LWA: BCL (Law and Accounting)
MH502 LWB: BCL (Law and Business)
MH502 LWC: BCL (Law and Criminology)
MH502 LWD: BCL (Law and Arts)
MH101: Bachelor of Arts