Qualification : DIPLOMA IN ARTS


CAO/PAC code : MHA57

CAO Points :

Closing Date : 31 July 2024

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The Diploma in Arts (Adult Guidance Counselling) is a professional training course for people working with adults in a guidance counselling setting, providing career information, guidance counselling and labour market services.

The emphasis of the course is on the development of the key communication, relationship and guidance skills and competencies that underpin the practice of Adult Guidance Counselling.

The course provides a critical engagement with the core concepts and ideas concerning marginalisation, exclusion and adult career development. Participants are encouraged to deepen their self-awareness and explore their career narrative and life histories.


Graduates can expect to work within adult guidance services, local employment services, adult disability services, NGOs, private practice and further and higher education.

This table displays the requirements for Leaving Certificate applicants.
Subject Required Ordinary Level Grade Higher Level Grade
Irish No N/A N/A
English No N/A N/A
Language No N/A N/A
Math No N/A N/A
Science No N/A N/A

International & EU/EFTA Entry Requirements

Mature Students

Applicants will be expected to have a minimum of two years’ experience working with adults in a developmental setting and be seeing a minimum 6 clients on a regular basis. Applicants should have participated in training courses or workshops in the area of guidance, counselling and self awareness; Interview with Staff in the Department


Applications online using PAC code MHA57

As part of the on-line PAC application, please submit your additional questions electronically.  Please also submit two academic reference and official transcripts to PAC

If you would like to discuss your application and/or to speak with a graduate of the programme please contact Maggie Noone at 01- 7083752 or email


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