Student Central

The National Learning Network (NLN), and the Maynooth Access Programme (MAP) have been working in collaboration since 2012 to provide the Student Central programme for students who are registered with a disability and require additional academic and/or wellness support.

Student Central supports students from a variety of disability categories including Mental Health Conditions, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, students with neurological disorders, physical disabilities, specific learning difficulties, Develomental Coordination Disorder, significant ongoing illnesses, speech and language communication disorders, students who are blind/visually impaired, and students who are deaf/hard of hearing.

What will I learn in Student Central?

You will work collaboratively with an Assistant Psychologist to develop practical self-management skills and strategies that will assist you in completing your college tasks. 

Student Central uses goal-orientated support programmes to assist students to overcome challenges they may face and target areas they wish to improve.

Student Central supports an increasing number of entrants through one-to-one support sessions, workshops and needs assessments to set up appropriate supports and practical strategies to help students reach their full academic potential. In addition to assessment and training, the service aims to assist students’ holistic development by supporting them in four core areas including; academic, organisational, well-being, and social support.
Student Central provides support to students across four key areas:

  1. Academic support: This aims to help you develop key study skills to progress at third level.
  2. Organisation support: This focuses on supporting students with time management and organisation strategies.
  3. Wellbeing: Evidence-based wellness strategies are provided for students in order to help them maintain personal wellbeing. 
  4. Social Support: This support allows students to meet the social demands of university, including developing self-advocacy skills, conversational skills, or knowledge of relationship boundaries.  


Take a look at these Student Central Online Supports which includes videos and worksheets to provide extra guidance on strategies you can incorporate from today.