Technology Transition Programme

There are lots of new academic challenges that students face in college. The Maynooth University Access Programme runs an intensive Technology Transition Programme to show students how to use technology to overcome some of the challenges they face when starting in college.  Check out the workshops we are running and sign up for the sessions that are most suited to your needs. 

  • Discover the importance of making effective notes using technology available across the Maynooth University campus.  Use assistive software to take your notes and transfer all of your notes to Microsoft Word.
  • Use specialist software to allow you to do an enhanced check on your work for spelling mistakes and improve the readability of your written work.  You can have your computer read out documents, journals, and web pages.
  • Use electronic mind maps to plan your work, organise your thoughts and track your research.  Use colour to aid revision.  Learn how to organise your files and folders to save time on a daily basis.