Postgraduate Courses at Maynooth University: Your Options

There are lots of reasons for choosing postgraduate study at Maynooth University, whether it is a Master's degree, a Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate, or a Research degree. Some of the reasons for choosing postgraduate study include:

  • Distinguish yourself in the job marketplace
  • Complement existing skills with a new subject area 
  • Develop specialist knowledge or expertise in your chosen field
  • Contribute to the cultural and literary response to societal change
  • Become an active participant in scientific and technological innovation
  • Research what lessons can be learned from the past

Key Issues to Consider

Did you know that you can specialise with a Masters in your current area of study or do something totally different with a conversion course

Can I find a way to minimise the financial stress that may come with full-time study - what are my funding options?