All Research Students at Maynooth University undertake a Structured Research Master's or PhD Programme. 

The Structured PhD provides a tailored research experience, with a specific set of modules assigned to each student, depending on their needs and level of experience. Modules can include subject specific training in the chosen discipline, professional skills such as statistics and languages and career development skills such as teaching and learning, writing and presentation skills. After an initial meeting with their supervisor, the research student and their supervisor design an individual research programme to enable the student to bring their thesis to completion while developing their ability as an early career researcher. 

The Research Master's (MLitt or MSc) programme follows a similar process as the Structured PhD and many students opt to move from initial registration as a Research Master's student into a PhD programme, with the agreement of the Department and their supervisor. 

Registration for a structured Ph.D is normally for four years for a full-time student and six years for a part-time student. Registration for a structured Master's of Research is normally for two years for a full-time student and three years for a part-time student. A full range of research options available at Maynooth University can be found on the Find a Course section of the website.