What is a Master's? 
A 'Master's' has become the most popular postgraduate option for students, whether they are undertaking an MA or an MSc programme. Often used in recruitment by employers to differentiate the candidates, a 'Master's' is an opportunity to gain new knowledge or to upskill and specialise in your chosen career. It is possible to undertake a Research Master's or a Taught Master's programme at Maynooth University. Research Master's are explained in the PhD Research section.

A Taught Master's programme is the most well-known type of postgraduate study, that involves a 1 or 2 year commitment, with lecturers taking place over two semesters, followed by a research project or dissertation. A Master's programme takes the student into Level 9 of study, a step up from the Level 8 undergraduate degree programme. Students are required to be self-directed and motivated in their approach to learning. In return, students increase their knowledge in a subject they love and excel at, but also they develop their critical thinking, presentation and writing skills. The Master's can be a challenging time, however, by choosing the right programme, students can learn new skills, understand the latest developments and give themselves a competitive edge in the job marketplace. The Find a Course section of the website provides details about all the Master's programmes, both full and part-time options.