There are different RPL processes and application forms for admissions and module transfers. All applications will however require the learner to provide evidence of appropriate past learning in the form of certification and/or a portfolio of learning. In most cases, the application will be followed by an interview, usually conducted online. Depending on your route of admission, the next steps in the application process may vary. Please refer carefully to the guidelines below. 

Postgraduate (incl. Microcredentials) Students applying via PAC

Begin your application on the website. As part of the normal PAC application process, you will need to indicate via a tick box that you are interested in submitting an RPL application and then upload the completed RPL form to as part of your online application. Receipt of your application will be acknowledged via the system. For guidance on applying via the PAC system, please see our 'How To' Guide.

Springboard Applicants

Please complete and submit the RPL form with your application on the Springboard Courses website. It should not come through the Postgraduate Applications Centre. Your application should be submitted well in advance of the commencement and registration of the programme. For most programmes, registration is in August and September each year. 
Please note that your RPL application will not be formally considered until it is received using the correct application form. 

For guidance on completing your RPL applciation and developing a portfolio of experiential learning, please refer to the RPL Guidance for Applicants.

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