Two Postgraduate Internships

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 00:00

We are pleased to announce that the Department of Adult and Community Education is offering two summer research internships in 2014 to support research and other initiatives in the Department. The internships will be in the following areas:
Sustaining communities of practice through Maynooth Adult and Community Education Press (enhancement of web based presence, support for book launch in autumn, web based journals )
General internship (work to be determined)We envision that the internships will involve a range of tasks (including those outlined above). We expect the interns to be creative in contributing to specific initiatives undertaken by Department members, helping with the development of the Department profile, updating and extending the Department’s web presence and any other appropriate tasks agreed between the Department and the intern. Each intern will be paid a stipend of
€250 (tax free)  per week, for six weeks.
The applicant must be a currently enrolled as a PhD student and making satisfactory progress with his/her studies in the Department of Adult and Community Education or in the Faculty of Social Science. Competency in web based applications is desirable.
The scheme does not provide funding for students to work on their existing projects.
To apply, please send an email, along with a copy of your curriculum vitae to me indicating: 
Which of the internships is of most interest to you and outlining the specific skills and experience you would bring to the position. Please list two academic referees and their contact details. (Letters are not required). Email your application to:  by Monday 7 July, 2014.