Postgraduate Conferrings

Friday, September 12, 2014 - 00:00

Over the past three days three Sociology students also received their doctorates.


Dr. Breda Cunningham and Prof Mary Corcoran

The picture left shows Breda Cunningham with Prof. Mary Corcoran. Her thesis title was 'A Case study of Alcohol Consumption and of the Irish Public House in late Modernity. Social processes that manifest themselves as cultural, economic and political constraints. Her supervisor was Dr. Eamonn Slater.

Also awarded their doctorates were Dr. Linda O'Keeffe for 'Spaces of Reproduction: How Teenagers Co-construct Post Industrial Soundscapes in Smithfield, Dublin', supervised by Dr. Aphra Kerr and Dr. Richard Asaba for 'Gender, Power and Local Water Governance in Rural Uganda', supervised by Prof Honor Fagan, Dr. Consolata Kabenesa and Dr. Pauline Cullen. Both Linda and Richard graduated in absentia.

Well done to all involved.