MSc Design Students take on the ESB Low Carbon Challenge

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 - 11:15

The challenge for MSc Design Innovation students was how do you make Low Carbon Living seem like something that the ordinary person should do and how do you make it happen?

Working with a brief set by Mark Fowler, Innovation Capability Manager, and Jeff Walsh at ESB, the students created and developed innovative design solutions ranging from interactive products to community action.

“If people got into a mind-set of making small changes and recognising the carbon and other environmental and personal benefits of these changes, perhaps it would spur them on to the bigger transformations” (Fergal Egan, Innovation Hub Manager ESB).

ESB Low Carbon Challenge_Design Innovation

Change is always difficult. Where change involves any significant level of expenditure, people want to be certain they are making the right decisions and that the outcomes they want will be achieved. Transformation to a low carbon life, in terms of energy footprint and mobility behaviours, is very challenging for many people in society, in the absence of tools and services that can help them identify simple first steps that can work for them. Our MSc Design Innovation students are making those first steps and impressing those in the power industry.