Postdoctoral Funding

If you are in final stages of your PhD programme, you might be thinking about applying for a postdoctoral fellowship. The Research Development Office can advise on funding opportunities for postdoctoral research, and provides support to applicants for the Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowships. 

For other funding opportunities, see: (available on campus, or off campus after registering). 
***The  Irish Research Council 2017 Government of Ireland (GOI) Postdoctoral Fellowships and CAROLINE Postdoctoral Fellowships calls are now closed***


  • All IRC postdoctoral fellowship applicants wishing to pursue a fellowship at Maynooth University must identify and approach a suitable academic mentor. This is the responsibility of each prospective applicant.
  • As soon as you secure support from a Maynooth University mentor, create your application in IRC's online application system and assign Maynooth University as your proposed host institution. Some Maynooth University mentors might not be registered on IRC's online application system. If your mentor is not included in a list of our mentors, ask them to contact   
  • The CAROLINE fellowships require an academic mentor, an NGO/International Organisation ‘main partner’ mentor and in some circumstances, a placement mentor.  All organisations involved must register with the IRC; see here for further information.
  • Read the call documentation available for the GOI call and the CAROLINE call on the Irish Research Council’s website, especially the Terms and Conditions of the scheme and the Guide for applicants.
  • Slides from an info session on both of these calls are available for information online here.
  • Important: Applicants are encouraged to participate in an internal review process in order to secure institutional endorsement for their application. Please visit the RDO website for further information.