Maynooth/Partner Co-Fund PhD Scholarships

The aim of the Maynooth/Partner Co-Fund PhD Scholarship is to jointly fund doctoral scholarships for promising researchers in collaboration with an external funding partner.  Three Scholarships (one per Faculty) will provide an annual stipend of €16,000 plus a budget of €2,000 annually to cover materials, consumables and travel costs. In addition, fees per annum will be awarded to cover postgraduate tuition fees for the four years of the scholarship. 

The overall purpose of this scholarship programme is to:
• Promote high quality research in line with Maynooth Universities strategic objectives and the provision of research and development training for highly skilled graduates leading to the award of a PhD; and
• Support the increase in PhD numbers at Maynooth University in line with national priorities.

Please complete the Expression of Interest form and return to the Graduate Studies Office by 16 March 2018. Completed applications will be evaluated by the Postgraduate Scholastic Funding Board, which will convene an independent evaluation panel. N.B. Expressions of Interest should be submitted by supervisors on behalf of a student and not by prospective students.

Useful Documents
•  Maynooth/Partner Co-Fund PhD Scholarships 2018-19 T & C
•  Maynooth/Partner Co-Fund PhD Scholarships 2018-19 EOI

Closing Dates: Now closed for 2018-19.