Underpinning many of the changes in our undergraduate educational experience is the powerful idea of making connections. No important knowledge stands in isolation and, in the future, responses to the challenges we will face will increasingly rely on making new connections between different aspects of knowledge. A Maynooth Education emphasises the concept of connected knowledge.

  • We are building connections between our academic disciplines through new subject combinations, and new flexible pathways to a degree that allow students to make a greater range of personal choices on what and how they study.
  • We are making connections through interdisciplinary electives, known as “Maynooth Modules,” which consider societal challenges from the viewpoints of different disciplines, giving students an understanding of how different perspectives contribute to innovation and change.
  • We are connecting our students to university learning by reshaping first year, to offer the best possible transition to higher learning and instil the critical skills that will be essential for success at university and beyond.
  • We are strengthening connections between our students and the world of work, through new opportunities for work placements and service learning within our degrees.
  • We are connecting our students to the learning experiences that take place outside the classroom through greater emphasis on experiential learning and by recognising the importance of student leadership and volunteering.
  • We are ensuring our learning connects to societal benefit, by focusing on research and teaching on the major challenges that face us today and into the future. 

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