A Maynooth Education - The Benefits

A Maynooth education leads to an undeniably special graduate, one with a thorough education in the knowledge, skills, insights and perspectives of the subjects they have studied, but also one who has developed the important intellectual skills of analysis, synthesis, critique and communication. Our new approach brings important benefits.

  • By providing a thorough education in the core subjects, delivered by leading international researchers, our graduates are at the cutting edge of current knowledge
  • By emphasising critical intellectual skills, our graduates are flexible and adaptable, ready to face the varied and complex challenges they will face over a long career.
  • By breaking down the barriers between disciplines, and allowing students to combine different subjects in new and interesting ways, our graduates will have a unique range of knowledge and skills.
  • By providing a wide range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities to learn working skills, our graduates are thinkers and doers, ready to make a real contribution in the workplace and in their communities.
  • By having fewer and simpler entry routes, with progressive specialisation, students will make better choices and have better outcomes, and we can reduce the pressure of the ‘CAO points race.’

With a Maynooth University education, graduates leave with more than a degree. They leave with a degree that means more.

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Maynooth University – More than a Degree