Science - MH201

Why study Science - MH201

By studying Science at Maynooth, you are joining a research tradition that can trace its roots to the first professors of the Royal College of St Patrick, founded in 1795. The Faculty of Science and Engineering at Maynooth University now comprises the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Experimental Physics, Mathematical Physics, Mathematics and Statistics, and Psychology.

Four subjects in 1st year, one of which is Mathematics. Students choose their three other science subjects from the eight subjects available which may include Critical Skills. No decision about subject choice is necessary until four weeks after commencement of 1st year. This gives you a chance to sample various subjects and make an informed decision. 

As is the case with the majority of our degrees, students can choose Critical Skills in 1st year. This is an optional 15 credit course, only available to 1st years, which focuses on developing skills such as effective communication, creative thinking and problem solving - skills that will benefit you in learning, employment and in life. Note that Data Science may not be taken with Critical Skills.


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