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Why study Business - Equine

Equine Business offers students the chance to lecturers and fellow students to gain an understanding of the equine business through projects that apply business concepts to the equine industry.  Combining a comprehensive business degree with an equine business specialism, grants students the ability to engage with a rapidly changing world by creating value for the equine industry and the wider economy.

In the first year students are introduced to the foundations of business in general and the equine business specifically. In the second year students gain an understanding of the leisure and stud farm aspects of the industry and the functions of a business (including marketing, management, information systems, operations and optional modules). In third year students develop an understanding of more advanced elements of the industry, including racecourse and event management, projects that bring your understanding of the industry together, an appreciation of the strategic aspects of business and the opportunity to take a range of business optional modules.


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