The Maynooth University ‘THRIVE’ initiative has been established in order to build on our strategic vision and opportunities for action over the next 3 years (2023-2026). 

The ‘THRIVE’ initiative is made up of two key strands: 

1. Engagement and Student Partnership 
Developing our student–staff partnership culture to enable students to become authentic partners in decision-making and shaping their own education and student experience. 

The key objectives of this strand include:

  • Establishing a Student Engagement and Partnership Framework. 
  • Collaborating with Maynooth Students’ Union to enhance opportunities for authentic student dialogue, training and greater diversity of student partnership and engagement. 
  • Increasing opportunities for students to become authentic partners in curricular and non-curricular activities and decision-making structures. 
  • Establishing student-led panels to amplify the student voice (examples: First Year Experience Advisory Panel to identify needs / Teaching and Learning Student Panel to promote student involvement in curriculum and teaching and learning initiatives). 
  • Co-creating student-led projects and developing micro internships that support and enhance student engagement and professional development. 

2. Transitions and Cultivating Belonging 
Fostering a strong sense of belonging and connection to Maynooth University is critical as we support students through key transitions in their journey.

The key objectives of this strand include:

  • Mapping the student journey to identify and maximise opportunities for enhanced collaboration across the university to augment transition support. 
  • Scoping and developing a digital onboarding orientation programme to capture key elements while presenting crucial orientation information in an engaging way that frees up time for on-campus events that enable connections and community building amongst the incoming first year cohort.  
  • Developing a thorough transition programme in partnership with students and stakeholders across key transitions.

The Maynooth University ‘THRIVE’ initiative is funded by the Higher Education authority (HEA) in partnership with the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education under the Strategic Alignment of Teaching and Learning Funding (SATLE) in Higher Education 2022.