“Our vision is to develop and embed a university-wide, integrated, and holistic approach to student success so that each student is empowered to recognise and fulfil their potential academically, personally, and professionally.”

The Maynooth University Student Success Strategy reinforces our commitment and significant track record to fostering student success and advances it by outlining a strategic framework to further embed a shared vision and culture of student success at Maynooth University.

This strategy is structured around five focal points, referred to as Pillars, that represent a commitment to student success across the student experience. Extensive consultations, stakeholder engagement, research, and policy analysis have informed the development of these Pillars.

Recognising that individual students will complete their journey in many and varied ways, our Pillars are designed to cross-over thereby enhancing the overall conditions for success across our diverse student body.

  1. Partnership, Engagement and Community: An inclusive learning environment which inspires and nurtures engagement, belonging, and community among our diverse population through a culture of partnership.
  2. Teaching and Learning: Providing a transformative teaching and learning experience and a distinctive Maynooth Education for our diverse student population.
  3. Employability and Skills for Lifelong Learning: Graduates with the skills, knowledge and attributes to succeed in the workplace, become active citizens, and continue their journey of lifelong learning.
  4. Support, Wellbeing and Personal Development: Pathways and opportunities for students to experience personal development, social, and wellbeing supports to be happy in their student experience, believe in themselves, and achieve their full potential.
  5. Data, Analysis and Evidence-based Decisions: An ethical, transparent, and coordinated approach to student data analysis and evidenced based decision-making, enabling informed decisions to be made in time for them to have an impact.