Advertising Accommodation for Maynooth University Students

The following information is helpful if you are a Landlord or considering to become a landlord. Full details can be viewed by selecting the option you are interested in from the drop down menus on this page:

  • Owner Occupied
Accommodation where the student shares the accommodation with the owner
  • Rented Houses
Accommodation where students share with other students or professionals
  • Rates of Accommodation
If you wish to find out some more information about pricing for accommodation
  • Tax and Rent a Room Scheme
Government rent-a-room scheme allows for tax-free letting in an owner occupied home for income up to €14000 per annum
  • Community Feedback
Follow this link if you wish to draw our attention to unacceptable behaviour by persons in the town who may be students of the University. 
  • Maynooth University provides current or prospective landlords with access to a property software website to advertise their accommodation to our university students.
  • This software is restricted access to current students or incoming students who have received a confimred offer of an academic place at Maynooth University or St. Patrick's College Maynooth.
  • Once you have created an account as a landlord you can advertise your property with an advert.  
  • You will find some helpful user guides on this page to get you started.