Commute or Stay or Blend the two?

Its a good question to ask yourself. Not all students need accommodation and those that do, may only need it for 4 days or 5 days per week. Some may only need accommodation for the exam weeks or to stay over for an event from time to time. So why pay for 7 days if you need less?

About 62% of Maynooth students commute daily to University. Staying at home and commuting to college is a real option for many students. Our online transport guide will give you an idea of  how long it will take to commute to college from various places, how much it will cost and what transport is available to Maynooth.

Living locally to the university during term time can be attractive but you may have the option to commute for part of your 3 / 4 years course. So you are not just planning for this year but for the duration of your course.