No Label, No Limits: (dis)ability Awareness Week 2015

No Labels, No Limits
Monday, February 23, 2015 - 15:30 to Friday, February 27, 2015 - 15:30

No Labels, No Limits: (dis)Ability Week

February 23rd to the 27th is MSU (dis)Ability Awareness Week: #NoLabelsNoLimits, because at Maynooth University we think labels are for jars, not for people. 

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This week celebrates all our student members who face challenges on a daily basis, but excel as Maynoothians nonetheless​. The campaign's aim ​is for ​students  to be informed, so that you know that people all around you are everyday heroes ​even if they ​might ​sometimes need some extra support ​, they deserve absolute respect and dignity.​
The week will involve:

  • *F​ree ​Comedy ​G​ig​* for ​M​ental ​H​ealth with Andrew Stanley​ (Common Room - Lunch time on Wednesday)
  • ​*F​ree ​S​ign ​L​anguage ​C​lasses​*​ at 12 noon on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the SU
  • Wheelchair Basketball with the IWA​ (Thursday, Sports Centre)​
  • Blind Football with the FAI​ (Thursday, Astro Turf)​
  • A​n 'MSU ​Speakout​ ​S​ession in relation to hidden disabilities​ (Tuesday, Common Room)​
  • ​+ ​Workshops, Film Screenings ​& ​many other student club/society events!​​

We're looking for students who would like to share some of their experiences (with dyslexia, dyspraxia, OCD, ADHD ​for example​) and being here at college in Maynooth U​niversity for our  MSU 'Speak Out' session
If you would like to get involved​ in any capacity or would like further information on this week, ​please email Síona Cahill (MSU VP / Welfare & Equality) on or check us out on Facebook
Maynooth is a #NoLabelsNoLimits campus. Let's celebrate that this week.