We will provide information here that may be useful to you in managing your studies in Sociology and Politics during the public health crisis of Spring and Summer 2020. 

Cover Sheet

Feel free to use the cover sheet below as the first page of your assignment. Lecturers for specific modules may give you different instructions and if so, please follow them! Cover Sheet  

Repeats/ Resits

For students who need to repeat/resit, please read the university regulations carefully and ask for advice. The best place to start is:
The details of assessment for each module in Politics and Sociology will be available on the module moodle pages in the coming days, including how you should submit the assignments. Lecturers will also let you know what times during the next 6 weeks that they are out of contact and/or on holidays.
All assessment is in the form of written assignments. There are no examinations (including for first semester modules). The deadline for submitting assignments is August 10th.
Please contact sociology.department@mu.ie, or myself, with any general questions or your lecturers regarding your modules.

Contacting Academic Advising 

Students can contact the Academic Advisory Office by completing the online query form linked here: https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/node/483093 
When the form is completed and submitted by the student the query will be received in the Exam Results Information Centre (ERIC) email.
The office is not taking calls from students due to working remotely in different locations. However, if students want advising staff to phone them staff will do so from a private number. To receive a call back students just need to complete and submit the form.  Office staff anticipate that most queries will be answered and completed within 2/3 working days and the  “remote” Exam Results Information Centre will be in operation from Monday 6th July 9.30am until Friday 24th July 5.00pm. After that date the query form will be monitored by the Academic Advisory Office and queries will be directed to the AAO office email.

Managing the Demands of your Studies during 2019/20

Extensions and Deadlines
If you have difficulty making specific deadlines please let your tutor or lecturer know. We will be flexible in addressing your situation.
In general, we prefer not to give an open-ended or general extension as this can result in overloading of your work further down the line.
We will generally provide a shorter extension, that we can review as you make progress. We will work with you to manage your schedule, as far as we can. 
This makes it important that you stay in touch with tutors and/or lecturers.
Assessment in May and August
You will also have the option of ‘repeating’ in August. The details of how those exams will work are not finalised yet. There are no fees for resit exams this year.   
It is also open to you in many circumstances to undertake your May assessment and if you are not happy with your mark to repeat in August. There are no capped marks on repeats this year. In other years, there is a limit of 15 credits that you can repeat for a better mark (having passed the module already). It is open to you to apply to repeat a higher number of credits for a higher mark and we will be looking very favourably on such applications.
Specific Issues
If there are particular issues that are challenging don’t hesitate to contact us. If you want to have a discussion about your overall situation or concerns it is best to contact sociology.department@mu.ie or sean.oriain@mu.ie  

Useful Information

For a glossary of terms relating to Covid-19 see this useful guide from the National Adult Literacy Association (NALA). NALA also provides useful services for adult learners (that's all of you...), including with teaching your children (increasingly relevant at the moment). 
Student Services is available to help - with technology, counselling, budgeting, accommodation, and various other issues. Our terrific colleagues are working especially hard these days to support students remotely. 

For general advice on academic issues that you might be facing, contact the Academic Advising Office

For help with writing, contact the Writing Centre

If in doubt about what supports are most suitable please email sociology.department@mu.ie or contact your tutors or lecturers. 

Make the Connection!

Maynooth Chaplaincy runs a variety of activities (online) where students can chat, do yoga and more. 
Click here for the details. Open to students of all faiths and none.