Europe’s Changing Workplaces: Conference on April 3rd

Monday, April 3, 2017 - 09:00
Renehan Hall

New Deals in the New Economy Project
MUSSI and the Department of Sociology

Behind the deep economic troubles and political turmoil of the current era is a profound uncertainty about working life and employment – while some experience precarity and marginalisation, others work for significant rewards but at the cost of intense and intrusive work commitments. For almost all, ‘flexibility’ is an everyday reality at work – although flexibility can take many forms, for better and for worse.

·         What are the patterns of work in Europe today?

·         Where is work changing, and how?

·         Are there the seeds of a new ‘European model’ of work and employment?

·         What are its contradictions, challenges, conditions and prospects?

Speakers: Jill Rubery, Paolo Barbieri, Vanessa Gash, Valeria Pulignano, Steen Navrbjerg, Michael Doherty, Jane Gray, Bill Roche, Amy Healy, Seán Ó Riain.

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