The Maynooth Centre for European and Eurasian Studies is an inter-disciplinary centre of excellence in research and teaching on contemporary Europe. It is unique in the Irish context and seeks to develop academic, student, diplomatic and professional links between Ireland, the European Union and Central and Eastern Europe.

Members seek to engage with both government and civil society in a multi-perspectival critical examination of issues related to Ireland’s membership of the European Union, Ireland’s relations with the Wider Europe, and the European Integration process more generally. Its public role encompasses the staging of public seminars on European issues and engagement with a diverse range of media outlets on important themes such as enlargement, identity, migration and EU foreign and neighbourhood policy.
In sum the four core aims are:
•To carry out and disseminate cutting edge multi-disciplinary research on Central and Eastern Europe and Ireland’s developing relationship with that region;
•To provide education and training for those interested in, or working with, the EU;
• To engage effectively with the diplomatic community and develop mutually reinforcing links with civil society actors focused on European affairs;
•To encourage both local and national debate on EU issues. 

Department of Sociology Involvement 

A number of Department of Sociology staff are centrally involved in the centre. For more information on the centre contact ​any of the following staff in the Department: Dr. John O'Brennan, Prof. Sean O'RiainDr.Pauline Cullen or Dr. Ada Regelmann

Staff are actively involved in teaching modules that focus on European issues across the undergraduate degrees in Politics and Sociology. ​

Seminars and Public Events

The Centre’s commitment to the highest quality of research and debate on the EU can be demonstrated in a list of recent speakers at the university. As research seminars and ‘Europe forums’ are open to both members of the academic community and the wider public, they are immensely helpful in creating a platform where interested parties are informed about and engage in debates on European integration.

The Maynooth Centre for European and Eurasian Studies is hosting a number of seminars and symposia during the year. These events are cross-disciplinary in nature and are open to students, faculty and members of the public. 

For current events please visit their new site at

Below are an archived list of the centre's earlier events.