Research Workspace on
Educational Ideas for Responsive Change
The mission of the proposed Workspace is twofold: 1. the promotion of scholarship that is responsive to the changing educational needs of societies at both the national and international levels; and 2. the commitment to fostering positive educational change based on principles of social justice. The activities of the Workspace are rooted in an understanding that innovation in ideas, theories and concepts is necessary to the creation of educational research that is both socially relevant and internationally recognised for its excellence. Through an interdisciplinary orientation, the Workspace is committed to providing a vibrant intellectual milieu that can shape new directions in pedagogy, policy, leadership and curriculum. The Workspace seeks to change the conceptual landscape of education in ways that are more inclusive and responsive to the diverse needs of learners and to be an active player in setting the agenda of public education in Ireland and in Europe more broadly.
Guiding Principles:

  • Built on the idea of an artist’s ‘workspace’: a space to bring ideas together in new combinations, generating new ways of seeing through creative experimentation
  • Altering the conceptual landscape of education in ways that are responsive to changing educational situations at the national and international levels
  • Linking personal transformation to social transformation through education
  • Internationally recognised research based on interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies
  • Critical frameworks of social justice that work across culturally and socially diverse contexts
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