If you are interested in 2nd level teaching as a potential career option this information should assist you.  

Minimum entry requirements for programmes of initial teacher education are set by the Minister for Education and Skills, in consultation with the Teaching Council. 

The Teaching Council of Ireland is not under the remit of the University, and that any changes to their accreditation policy are not the responsibility of the University.  

The most common route to qualification is the consecutive route, which comprises a suitable degree and teacher education qualification.  A suitable degree is defined as an award from a state-recognised university or similar third-level college, which enables the holder to teach at least one curricular subject to the highest level within the post-primary schools curriculum.  For most subjects, this means to Leaving Certificate Higher Level.  Further information can be found here.
Teaching Council Requirements
Requirements as set out by Teaching Council by subject. Students are advised to monitor any changes directly with the Teaching Council of Ireland and to contact that body directly for any specific queries regarding their requirements.