Researcher Directory

Prof Brian Dolan Theoretical Physics
Dr Rose Dolan Lecturer Education
Dr Katarina Domijan Lecturer Mathematics and Statistics, Hamilton Institute
Prof Brian Donnellan School of Business, Innovation Value Institute (IVI)
Dr Paul Donovan Senior Lecturer School of Business
Dr John Dooley Electronic Engineering, Radiospace
Prof Terence Dooley Professor History
Fionnuala Doris Lecturer Economics, Finance and Accounting
Dr Aedín Doris Lecturer Economics, Finance and Accounting
Dr Paul Dowling Lecturer Biology
Arran Dowling-Hussey Design Innovation
Dr David Doyle Law
Dr Kieran Doyle Assistant Director Edward M Kennedy Institute
Prof Sean Doyle Professor Biology
Dr Elzbieta Drazkiewicz Grodzicka Lecturer Anthropology
Joseph Duffin Computer Science, ALL Institute