Researcher Directory

Dr A. Jamie Saris Senior Lecturer Anthropology, ALL Institute
Dr Adrian Scahill Lecturer Music
Dr John Scanlan Commercialisation
Dr Anja Schaefer Senior Lecturer School of Business
Prof Susan Schreibman Centre for Digital Humanities, Arts and Humanities Institute
Dr Martina Schroeder Lecturer Biology, Human Health Institute
Prof David Scourfield Professor Ancient Classics
Eleanor Shannon Executive Assistant Examinations and Timetabling, Registry
Ethan Shattock Law
Dr Helen Shaw Geography, ICARUS
Dr Kathleen Shields Lecturer French Studies
Mary Shilling Economics, Finance and Accounting
Dr Jonivar Skullerud Theoretical Physics
Dr Eamonn Slater Senior Lecturer Sociology
Dr Joost Slingerland Theoretical Physics
Dr Anthony Small Senior Lecturer Mathematics and Statistics