Researcher Directory

Dr Mercedes Carbayo-Abengozar Lecturer Spanish & Latin American Studies, Motherhood Project
Dr Marian Carcary Senior Lead Researcher Innovation Value Institute (IVI)
Dr Paolo Cardullo Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI), National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA)
Dr James Carolan Lecturer Biology, Human Health Institute
Dr Antonio Cascelli Lecturer Music
Dr Kevin Casey Computer Science, Hamilton Institute
Aodhdin Casey Lecturer Economics, Finance and Accounting
Peter Cassells Edward M Kennedy Institute
Azuccena Jimenez Castandeda Geography
Dr Michael F. Cawley Senior Lecturer Experimental Physics
Dr Ro Charlton Lecturer Geography, ICARUS
Dr Martin Charlton National Centre for Geocomputation (NCG), Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI), Geography, Hamilton Institute
Dr Richa Chugh Lecturer School of Business
Dr Laura Coffey Psychology, ALL Institute
Steve Coleman MA Creole Coordinator) Anthropology
Prof Peter Coles Theoretical Physics