Researcher Directory

Dr Leah O’Toole Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education
Prof Patricia Palmer English
Prof Fiona M Palmer Professor of Music Music
Prof Andrew Parnell Hamilton Institute, Mathematics and Statistics
Dr Tuvana Pastine Associate Professor Economics, Finance and Accounting
Prof Barak Pearlmutter Professor Computer Science, Hamilton Institute, ALL Institute
Prof Rowena Pecchenino Economics, Finance and Accounting
Dr Miquel Pellicer Economics, Finance and Accounting
Dr Mario Rodriguez Pena Biology
Lars Pforte Senior Postdoctoral Researcher Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI), National Centre for Geocomputation (NCG)
Dr Francesca Placanica Lecturer in Music, Director of Performance, International Coordinator Music
Dr Michael Potterton History
Estevao Prado Hamilton Institute, Mathematics and Statistics
Prof Maria Pramaggiore Media Studies, Doing Women’s Film and Television History V
Prof David Prendergast Anthropology, ALL Institute
Dr Jacinta Prunty Associate Professor History