Researcher Directory

Dr Anne O'Brien Media Studies, Motherhood Project, Doing Women’s Film and Television History V
Conor O'Brien Innovation Value Institute (IVI)
Dr Maeve O'Brien Lecturer Ancient Classics
Dr Aileen O'Carroll Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI), National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA), IQDA
Prof Thomas O'Connor Arts and Humanities Institute, History
Dr Thomas O'Connor Lecturer Economics, Finance and Accounting
Dr Christina O'Connor Lecturer School of Business
Dr Shirley O'Dea Associate Professor Biology
Prof Aislinn O'Donnell Education, Centre for Public Education and Pedagogy
Dr Diarmuid O'Donoghue Computer Science, Hamilton Institute
Dr Grace O'Grady Lecturer Education
Dr Karl O' Hanlon English
Dr Martin O'Leary Music
Dr Jerry O'Neill Adult and Community Education
Prof Donal O'Neill Professor Economics, Finance and Accounting
Dr Stephen O'Neill Associate Professor English