Webinar for Supervisors: Supervising Research Students Flexibly

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 - 11:00 to 13:00

This seminar aims to support staff in supervising doctoral students in a remote working environment.

Hugh will lead the on-line workshop which will provide advice and support for research supervisors who are now having to supervise more flexibly in response to changing circumstances.

It will include strategies for:

  • Maintaining the relationship – meetings/virtual meetings (frequency, length, structure, tools)
  • Helping students with Plan B – dealing with interruptions to their research
  • Contingency planning as levels change
  • Responding to students’ concerns (personal, funding, time, access to data)
  • Supporting students at different stages (new, mid-candidature and finishing)
  • Mental health issues
  • Looking after yourself 

Hugh lectures and researches at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia and is widely recognised for his ability to take the latest research in psychology and education and apply it to high-performing people and groups. Hugh's workshop will draw on evidence-based strategies to help PhD students and describe the most useful strategies to stay well at this current time.
The webinar will be interactive with participants given the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience.
Please register for the webinar via this online form.