Research Seminar Series - "What makes globally mobile talent to stay and perform?" by Dr Sanjay Singh

Monday, February 21, 2022 - 14:00 to 15:00

Join us for our next Research Seminar with Dr Sanjay Singh, Assistant Professor School of Business Maynooth University.

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Paper Abstract:
Drawing upon anxiety/uncertainty management (AUM) theory and organization support theory (OST), this study developed and tested a model of how the globally mobile talent – the self-initiated expatriates (SIEs) - stay and perform well in the organization. We collected data from 276 superior-subordinate dyads, which were analyzed using structural equation modeling (SEM) to examine the study's hypotheses. Results suggest that role clarity mediates the influence of perceived organizational support and work adjustment. We further found that work adjustment mediates the influence of role clarity on task performance and organizational citizenship behavior. The implications of the findings to advance theory and practice in expatriation management are discussed.
Keywords: Self-initiated expatriates, work adjustment, role clarity, perceived organizational support, task performance, organizational citizenship behavior.
About the speaker:
Dr. Sanjay Singh is a faculty member at School of Business, Maynooth University, Ireland. His research interest includes International & Strategic HRM, Responsible Leadership, Knowledge Management, Responsible Innovation Management, and Sustainability & Ethics. He has published in journals namely, Journal of World Business, Journal of Business Research, Journal of International Management, Human Resource Management Review, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, European Management Review, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Personality and Individual Differences, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Business Strategy and the Environment, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, and International Marketing Review. At present, Dr. Singh is Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Asia Business Studies, Reviewing Editor - Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Associate Editor – Journal of Business Research, and Consulting Editor – Journal of International Management