An introduction to the OpenStreetMap project.

Monday, October 19, 2020 - 16:00 to 17:00

Library Talk - Dr Peter Mooney, Department of Computer Science, MU.

An introduction to the OpenStreetMap project.  OpenStreetMap (OSM) is arguably the most popular open-access geospatial database on the Internet today. Yet, most people using online maps and web-based mapping systems will never have heard about it. OSM is a crowdsourced database of openly accessible geospatial data from all around the world. Citizens, humanitarian agencies, scientists, researchers, governments, etc. from all around the world have been responsible for contributing data and information to the OSM project. This interactive presentation will introduce the OSM project to those who have never heard about it before. We will explore some of the great applications of OSM but also ways researchers and scientists can access and use OSM data in their own work. By the end of the presentation we hope that you will be motivated to become involved in the OSM project and begin using it in your everyday mapping and geospatial data tasks. 

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