What is strategic entrepreneurship and how firms can achieve it?

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - 16:15

Strategic entrepreneurship addresses the question of how firms create and sustain a competitive advantage (the focus of strategic management, i.e., advantage-seeking) while simultaneously identifying and exploiting new opportunities (the focus of entrepreneurship, i.e., opportunity-seeking). It is relevant to both new ventures and established firms. While new ventures strive to gain and sustain success by establishing their competitive advantages, large established firms try to be more entrepreneurial by exploring and materialising new opportunities.
Strategic entrepreneurship is a firm’s critical process and needs the commitment from their managers. How managers’ activities contribute to the successful realisation of firm level strategic entrepreneurship? And what personalities and experiences can facilitate these activities?
To know more, read a recent publication by Dr Ruifang Wang and her co-authors Prof Patrick Gibbons and Prof Ciaran Heavey (University College Dublin):
Wang R, Gibbons P and Heavey C (2021) 'The microfoundations of strategic entrepreneurship: a middle management perspective'.  Journal of Enterprising Culture, 29 (1):1-20