Sunset for the office?

Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 15:30

Dr. David Mangan has commented on the future of the office as attention turns to the post-pandemic workplace. 
The question of continued use of office space (as well as in what capacity and size) has been posed and widely noted in newsmedia with attention-grabbing numbers. Information on pre-pandemic ways of managing the workforce suggest some bases upon which remote work/telework may not become a widespread part of operations. David outlines some reasons for why the pandemic will not significantly displace the presumption of the workplace where the employee works at the employer’s premises.   
David's researches employment/labour law as well as private law obligations (such as privacy and defamation), with a focus on the impact of information technology in these areas. His work has appeared in publications throughout Europe, the UK, and North America. David is on the editorial board of the European Labour Law Journal as well as the Italian Labour Law e-JournalHe also teaches at Osgoode Hall Law School (Continuing Professional Development) and the Catholic University of Lyon.