New collection explores gender inequality in Irish society

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Thursday, September 3, 2020 - 10:45

Dr Pauline Cullen and Professor Mary P. Corcoran, both from the Department of Sociology, Maynooth University have edited a new collection of essays which examines the continued significance of gender as a marker of inequality in the lives of women across diverse contexts in Irish society. A number of other staff in the Department contribute chapters. 

This book asks whose knowledge sets the economic, political, social and cultural parameters in society? Scholars across a range of disciplinary backgrounds deploy insights from gender and feminist studies to forensically examine how knowledge is actually produced, consumed and reproduced.

The reader is taken on a gender knowledge journey through the workplace, the state and civil society, the education sector and wider cultural domains. In each case, the contributors demonstrate the resilience of gender stereotypes and the reproduction of specific kinds of gender exclusions.

Ideas about gender (often outdated and ill-conceived) maintain existing power imbalances in technology work, finance, education and media. Those ideas also frame public policy debates about sex work, homelessness, women’s activism and reproductive rights.

Finally, a gender knowledge perspective reveals the downstream impact of gender inequality in relation to the teaching profession, game culture, book reviewing and historical abuse. The anthology succeeds in revealing the underlying gendered structures, cultures and processes of contemporary knowledge production.

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Video where Dr. Pauline Cullen and Prof. Mary P. Corcoran discuss aspects of the book under social distancing rules have been released by the publishers:

Video where Catriona Crowe talks about her chapter

Video where Dr. Paul Ryan and Dr. Aphra Kerr discuss their chapters. 

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