Research Facts and Figures

The scale and quality of the research and knowledge transfer activities at Maynooth University is significant.  Detailed below are well characterised, standardised, verifiable data presented as key facts and giving the source of the information.  However we realise that some of the most important features of Research and Scholarship, probably the most valuable aspects of a vibrant research led University, are also the most difficult to measure.  

Current quantitative measures for assessing research quality are open to question, in that they measure weak surrogates such as, numbers of journal articles, citation indices or patents. Such measures or metrics do not capture outputs uniformly across disciplines, especially in the Arts and Humanities.  Nevertheless these metrics are very commonly used and indeed Maynooth University does exceptionally well in such exercises.   We invite you to browse our key facts below, but then visit our Department and Institute pages to see the deeper story of research at Maynooth University.

  1. The Basics (2013)

    - Core Academic staff:  260
    - Research grants per academic: €90,500
    - Average research spend per annum: >€20 million
    - Number staff > €200,000 research funding: 50

  2. Publications Outputs

    Between 2008 and 2012  academics at Maynooth University achieved a 40% increase in annual research publications

  3. Impact Quality

    In all our priority areas, research from Maynooth University influences, and is cited far above international norms

    Research - Research Themes Citation Impact Graph - Maynooth University
  4. Commercialisation

    The commercialisation performance metrics are outlined below.  Against international standards per research expenditure, Maynooth University continues to be ranked in the top percentiles nationally.  This performance is down to the outstanding research and the desire of our researchers to see their work make not just a scientific impact but an economic one.