Department of Psychology

Seminar Series – 2018/2019


When Speaker Title
08/11/2018 Dr. Andy Cochrane (School of Nursing and Human Sciences, Dublin City University) Living with Lung Cancer
15/11/2018 Dr. Paul Maher (School of Psychology, University College Dublin) Inconvenient truth: How disillusionment can lead to political polarisation
22/11/2018 Dr. Paul Sullivan (University of Bradford) The will to power or human flourishing: Different conceptions of motivation in social psychological research
29/11/2018 Prof. Andrew Coogan (Department of Psychology, Maynooth University) Time to Pay Attention to the Clock: Circadian Rhythms and Adult ADHD
03/12/2018  Professor Thanos Karatzias (School of Health and Social Care, Edinburgh Napier University) Traumatic life events, traumatic distress and its treatment
13/12/2018 Dr. Ken Kerr (Senior Psychologist, HSE) Behaviour Analysis in Practice: Supporting Positive Changes in Challenging Environments
07/02/2019 Professor Michael Murray (Professor Emeritus, Keele University, UK) Some Histories of Health Psychology
14/02/2019 Dr. Unai Diaz-Orueta (Department of Psychology, Maynooth University) From Tuskegee to Nuremberg: how past unethical procedures shaped current mental health research and practice
21/02/2019 Professor Jamie Murphy (Ulster University) Escape the threat from within: A new direction for psychosis and suicide research
28/02/2019 Dr. Conor Linehan (School of  Applied Psychology, University College Cork) Learning by Playing: Psychology in Videogame Design
28/03/2019 Dr. Sophia Kilcullen ( Dublin City University) Cognitive assessment tools for use in primary care
04/04/2019 Dr. Sinéad McNally (Institute of Education, Dublin City University) The Let's Talk about STEM study: An investigation of essentialist beliefs about science in early childhood and the potential impact of language on girls' persistence and motivation
11/04/2019 Dr. Ken McKenzie (Technological University Dublin) Balancing end user and expert opinion in public policy goal setting


Seminars take place on Thursdays at 1pm in the Experimental/Teaching Lab, Department of Psychology, Second Floor, John Hume Building, North Campus.