Department of Psychology

Seminar Series – 2017/2018

Semester 1*


When Speaker Title More
09/11/2017 Dr. Ana Belen Navarro-Prados (University of Salamanca, Spain) Alzheimer’s Disease and Drawing through a Model of Retrogenesis: what Drawing Processes tell us about the Progress of Dementia. Ana Belen Navarro-Prados
16/11/2017 Dr. Julio Cesar De Rose (Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil) Symbolic Behavior and Responding to Art.
Julio Cesar De Rose
23/11/2017 No seminar this week    
30/11/2017 Caoilainn Doyle (Maynooth University Psychology) Executive Function in Dyslexia: Examining Profile Associated with Dyslexia and Comorbid Dyslexia-ADHD and Exploring the Near and Far Transfer Effects of Executive Function Training in Dyslexia Alone Caoilainn Doyle
07/12/2017 Dr. Philip Hyland (National College of Ireland) The Evolution of PTSD: Towards a New Understanding of Trauma in ICD-11
Philip Hyland
14/12/2017 Dr. Michelle Downes (University College Dublin) The development and assessment of executive functions in preschool children
Michelle Downes

* All seminars take place on Thursdays at 4pm in the Experimental/Teaching Lab, Department of Psychology, Second Floor, John Hume Building, North Campus.

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