What is PRISM?

PRISM is a newly established research and training hub at the Department of Psychology (Maynooth University) which has been set up to develop expertise and capacity in conducting systematic reviews within Ireland. Systematic reviews (SRs) are the most up-to-date and gold standard technology for critically appraising and synthesising evidence across health and social care sectors, and are increasingly used to inform health and social care decision making. Currently, there is relatively little methodological support within Ireland for those who wish to undertake rigorous systematic reviews. Therefore, PRISM aims to address this gap by promoting the use of SR methodology in Ireland and building capacity in this field so that Irish researchers and health and social care professionals can produce high quality evidence to better inform national and international policy and practice.

More specifically, PRISM will:

  • Deliver regular training workshops on conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses, including both introductory and advanced topics 
  • Liaise with authors to help them produce timely and robust reviews of direct relevance to health care
  • Support postgraduate students and all researchers and academics in developing competency and confidence in conducting and reporting SRs 
  • Explore advanced and innovative methodologies in evidence synthesis
  • Adopt an interdisciplinary approach and apply SR methodology to medical, psychosocial and educational fields 
  • Promote the role of systematic reviews for informed health and social care decision making 

About Us

PRISM is co-founded and directed by Dr Mairead Furlong and Prof Sinead McGilloway, both experienced authors of Cochrane and Campbell systematic reviews in the fields of mental health, crime prevention, child wellbeing and education, learning disabilities, care packages for the elderly, and palliative care. PRISM also has access to a network of organisations and centres that specialise in SR methodology and utilisation of SRs for informed decision making. PRISM is partner with the EPPI-Centre (University College London), co-chairs the Campbell Collaboration Social Welfare Co-ordinating Group, and Dr Furlong delivers Cochrane training workshops in the UK and Ireland.

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